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You Will Pet the Cat! is the sequel to the one-page roleplaying game (RPG), You Can (Not) Pet the Cat!

There are three roles: The Watcher, Mx. Cuddles/Asmeowdius, and The Enthusiast. All three are present at a Halloween party being thrown by their mutual friend/owner. 

Mx. Cuddles plans to enlist the beings at the party to unlock their true form and begin the apocalypse. The Watcher possesses Second Sight and sees Mx. Cuddles as they truly are, and is working to stop them. The Enthusiast fully believes in the supernatural and is determined to obtain proof.

You Will Pet the Cat! requires a minimum of 3 players, with one player as the Game Master (GM), called The Guide.  You will need 2 six-sided dice (2d6) and optionally, a coin to resolve ties on turn order. As always, it is recommended to use the TTRPG Safety Toolkit Guide by Kienna S.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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